Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I am the person who never gets sick. Even when I am sick, I'm not. I like to believe that my immune system is like the Berlin Wall and only clowns clever enough to pack themselves in the floorboards of a VW bug can get through.

Any time I feel a little off or even a lot off, I blame it on something else. For example, the week before last, I posted on facebook that the poor air quality was making my throat scratchy. Seemed reasonable. However, that was a day or two before I had the horrible episode during my long run. What I didn't mention in my last post was that I continued to feel bad for 4-5 days after that long run. That's when I thought back to the scratchy throat, all of the people I know who have been stricken by a late-summer virus, and the horrible GI issues I had been having.

I hate using sickness as an excuse, but I believe that was part of my problem last weekend during the 5k. I think what I wrote about not practicing paces in the 5k range is also legit, but I think I had an off day too.

Last night I did a track workout of 10 x 600m with 90 seconds rest. I have never done 600s before, so I didn't know exactly how it would feel. I treated it as if I was running 400s with a little bit extra and had a great workout. I felt speedy and did not feel like I had given everything at the end. My prescribed split range was between 2:05-2:10. I ran 2:04 average. Almost every single split, I went through the 400 in 81-82 seconds. That's much faster than the last few times I've done 400s.

So, I believe the virus that got through my immune system's concrete and graffitied barrier has been arrested by the Gestapo. Und tschüss, dumm Virus!         

The true test will come this weekend during a 5k cross country race. My goal is to run close to or faster than I did two years ago when I felt like I was in decent 5k shape. It is a hilly and twisty course, but the competition will hopefully help pull me to new places.
Saturday's 5k course


  1. Great looking course - those type of courses are rare around here these days. Shame, love them. Have a great race - it'll be interesting to compare with how you did two years ago.

    Wish I had your Berlin Wall immune system. I've been struck down with a bad virus/flu thing the past few days. Usually my rabbit-proof fence immune system does the trick, but not this time.

  2. Hope you're feeling better and can nail that x-c race!

    Coincidentally, I'm suffering from a GI thing this week too, but it took me like three days of constant nausea and exhaustion to admit that I was sick (I was like "ugh, must've eaten something, well it'll pass...ok I haven't eaten in two days and I'm still sick but still I must've eaten something...OK FINE I'LL REST NOW.")

    I was going to run with the Berlin Wall analogy and how my immune system is more like the current-day Berlin Wall, all overpriced fake beer gardens, hucksters, and not a German native speaker in sight, but I have no idea how that would work so I'll just go back to bed instead and look forward to your race report.