About Me

I'm a 47 year old runner living in the Sacramento area and have been running for 10 years (only ran before then when the military ordered me to). I worked my ass off trying to qualify for the 2012 US Olympic Marathon Trials and finally achieved this goal at the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10. This blog began with a focus on the training and adventures that led to my 2:45 marathon. But, I'm not stopping there. I am shooting for another Olympic Trials Qualifier for 2016. You can join me here in my big adventure!  

I also offer coaching services to athletes interested in exploring their running potential and committed to putting in the work to get stronger and faster. I coach runners of all levels and abilities training for events from the 5k to the marathon. Whether your goal is to complete a 5k or run a sub-three hour marathon, I will encourage you to dream big and provide the tools to help you achieve your goals. Contact me and let’s get started!

Lifetime Personal Records
Marathon:  2:45:09, Oct 10
1/2 Mar.: 1:19:46, Mar 09
10 Miles: 1:00:39, Sep 09
10k: 37:17, May 10
8k: 29:35, Jun 09
5k: 17:53, Aug 10

Lifetime Personal Worsts
Marathon:  3:45:18, Apr 05
1/2 Mar.:  1:44:39, Oct 04
5k: 25:54, Aug 04
CIM 2004--my first marathon. Walking through the aid stations!

I embrace the latest technology.
And sometimes I just need a big hug! Susan Loken and me after the 2012 OTs.

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