Saturday, May 22, 2010

My new toy

That's right.  I got an Alter-G super duper treadmill!  It's been really hard to keep this a secret.  I used the prize winnings from the Belgrade Marathon to make a down payment, but I think the investment is well worth it.  I mean, think of all of the prize money I will earn as a result of how fast this thing is going to make me.  And, I can charge a pretty penny to let other runners use it.  The possibilities are endless.  This thing will end up paying for itself, I just know it!

Okay, if you believe that, you are a serious Gulli Bull!  My new toy is actually an iPad, and in this post I'm going to show you a few of the ways that it is contributing to making me a faster runner.

Let's start with some obvious attributes.  There are hundreds of thousands of apps that you can download for this thing, not even counting all the iPhone apps that you can also use (though the experience isn't quite as nice with those).


This app is fabulous.  It keeps track of everything I eat, the exercise I do, tracks my weight and body fat, and has a massive web-based database that makes finding nutritional information about the foods you eat a snap.  Throughout the day, I'm able to check my calorie balance to gauge how much and what I need to eat to meet my goals.  This product comes as an iPhone app too, and it looks like you can just use the web version as well.  I highly recommend it!

Your basic calendar

This app uses the same calendar that's found on the iPhone and all of my Apple computers.  It's just a whole lot prettier. Because I use MobileMe, all of my calendars stay synced at all times.  I use this program to track my shoe wear by color coding the workouts based on which shoe I'm wearing.  Eventually, I know someone will invent an app that will add up those miles and automatically order my next pair of shoes for me at exactly the right time.  I can dream, can't I?


Keeping up with my blogs
There are a couple of apps I've found for this.  To keep up to date on all of the blogs that I follow, I am testing out StickyBeak.  It's quick and easy to set up by simply accessing your Google Reader account information.  It's been a little buggy, but a recent update seemed to fix a lot of the issues.  I'm also excited about using my iPad for updating my own blog.  BlogPress seems to be the way to go with this.  Compared to the iPhone, the iPad is really a dream to type on whether you use the on-screen keyboard or a bluetooth wireless like me.       

50 Cent is in the HOUSE!

While it may seem a little bulky to you, having all of my music, e-mail, blogs, calorie counters, internet browsers, etc. at my finger tips everywhere I go is essential.  So, I found this great armband case for my iPad so I wouldn't miss a thing while I'm out on my runs.  The GPS navigation is handy too on the go!

Getting all stretchy stretchy   

This was a recent discovery for me and one that will make me faster by keeping me from getting injured.  Did you know that iTunes has yoga podcasts?  I didn't.  I discovered these the other day when I was looking for an alternative to the Rodney Yee video after my DVD player crapped out.  I was surprised by the number of quality podcasts available.  The series by has quite a variety of slideshow and video programs to choose from of varying lengths.  I've done the Yoga for Runners workout and really liked it.  It's closer to Vinyasa Yoga than Hatha in that you're constantly moving, so you work up a sweat.  I like that a lot!  I did one of the yoga for core strength workouts the other day and found that 20-minute zinger to be very challenging.  Of course, you don't need an iPad to view these.  I do love being able to plop down my yoga mat, prop up my iPad in front of it and follow along just about anywhere.,


Remote desktop    

Picture this scenario.  You're at Peet's Coffee using your iPad to create an important blog post.  You forgot to take note of your splits from the workout you're writing about and you really, really, really want to get this post on line.  But, how do you access your home computer from Peet's Coffee?  You use an iPad app called Desktop.    What you see in the screenshot is my home computer screen with Garmin Training Center running.  Using this app, I can access my home computer (must be turned on, of course) and take control of it to check my workouts, download my data from my Garmin, send files and pictures to myself.  I've done all of these things.  It's a little on the slow side, but well worth it when you really, really, really need something.

I Love my iPad

I'm not ashamed to admit it.  The Genius is getting a little tired of competing with the iPad, I think.  He has found me awake at night tapping away at it's cuddly keyboard.  The other day, he surprised me by playing paparazzi and snapping a shot of me using it in the shower.   

No doubt, I will be a faster runner as a result of owning this fabulous piece of technology.  


  1. The armband! Hilarious. Maybe not the most aerodynamic accessory but ever so handy. You funny fast girl. :D

  2. OMG, this entire post made me laugh so hard. I LOVE those pics of you wearing the iPad on your arm. Hahahaha!

    I have to admit that I was bummed you did not buy the Alter-G, but an iPad is a great toy. One of these days I'll buy one when the 10th version of it is on the market and the first version is dirt cheap.

  3. GIM, the armband is key though I'm tempted to Macgyver a backpack option. I could have it display motivational slogans while I run for those that get stuck running behind me:)

    GB, I love that this made you laugh. I hope you get an iPad sooner than 10 years from now. Well worth the investment.

  4. J--
    Funny post. Excellent job with the photoshop. Hope you're staying injury-free.

  5. You had me going with the first photo. I was thinking 'how the hell did she afford an Alter-G?!' All you need now is an armband on the other arm for the kitchen sink.

  6. You are a riot Jaymee. Here's an idea for another money maker. Sell this to Saturday Night Live to use as a skit. Would would rock the house.
    Maureen from Maine.

  7. Sam, I am staying injury free, thank you. You know that when I don't post about it for two weeks:) That Photoshop job had some people convinced that I had actually bought one of those bad boys.

    Ewen, You were one of the Gulli Bulls then! Excellent! Working on strapping an espresso machine to the other arm actually:)

    Thanks, Maureen. I'm glad it made you laugh. That was the idea. I only wish I could get paid for my shenanigans.

  8. Yeah! I'll have a cappuccino maker :)