Saturday, July 16, 2011

Note to self

Dear Jaymee,

I know you've been feeling slow lately and concerned about the fitness you lost while you were out of running action for half the year.  When you're feeling that way, I want you to remember that cool and windy day in mid July when you were running around the track at American River College at high noon.  That was the day that you ran the 6 x 1000m workout at "near goal 5k pace" with 1:20 rests.  This was an important workout at the end of an 83 mile week, your highest mileage in 9 months.  You were worried about so many things going into that workout, but when you started running fast after doing drills and strides, your body took over and your brain followed.  You flew along the track with lightness and strength.   You ran faster than you believed you could, averaging 3:35 for the 6 repeats (5:45 pace) leaving a little in the tank after the last rep.  Remember that you are fast and are getting faster every day.


Effin' J


  1. In 2010 I was off 4 months for si injury back a couple weeks and procceeded to sprain my ankle bad enough to need crutches for 2wks. Total time off 6 months. It took almost 3months to get any speed back!! Nov 10mile race pace 7min following June marathon race pace 621. You will come back stronger than before!!! Your body got to rest all those little things that needed fixing. Be proud and only look back when you want to see how far you have come!!

  2. Whoa! Negative splitting a 6 x 1000 with an average 3:35 after an 83 mile week? You're there!

  3. Thanks, Kerry. You set a great example and offer great advice. I know your secret weapon! Say "hi" to him for me:)

    Thanks for your encouragement Mark. I'm not sure it was a negative split, but it was pretty darn steady. I felt great after the first 5 reps and held it together for the last rep. I think that's what that workout is supposed to look like. The best part was looking back at a similar workout from last year and seeing that I am only about 3-4 seconds per 1000m rep off what I was running then. And, that was a shorter workout (5 x 1000m) with longer rests (2 min.). So, there you go--looking back to see how far I've come, sort of.