Saturday, December 1, 2012

Like the weather

The color of the sky as far as I can see is coal gray
I lift my head from the pillow and then fall again
I get a shiver in my bones just thinking about the weather
a quiver in my lip as if I might cry
~Natalie Merchant

Sooner or later every marathon has bad weather. Runners of the California International Marathon (CIM) have been extremely lucky for the last 7-8 years in that weather conditions have been pretty close to ideal for running a marathon. 2012, on the other hand, will be one of those touchstone years that runners will use to describe how miserable conditions can be.

I am running CIM. I have been training for it and never had a doubt that I would run it, even as the available weather forecasts began converging on the same, bleak weather story for Sunday morning. My goals for this marathon have had less to do with the actual race or how fast I might run and more to do with getting back to training and gaining some base fitness.

I have done my best to get in the training but tomorrow will be more about sheer will than about training. I will be on the lookout for a burly guy (or gal) running between 2:50-2:55. I will tuck in behind you and you'll never know I'm there. And, if you want to tuck in behind me, be my guest.



  1. Have a good one Jaymee! If the weather forecasters are as good as ours the wind will flip around to be at your back, it'll be a cool day and the humidity will be low.

  2. Don't get psyched out about the weather. You are trained and ready for this. If you can luck out and tuck in behind someone into the wind-do it! I didn't get that luxury much at the Chicago Lakefront 50K last month where we had 30MPH gusts off Lake Michigan and temps just above freezing (I like cold though). I was hell bent on getting that course record though(which I did) so I worked the headwind the best I could and tried to compensate for time lost each time we turned from the headwind to a sidewind. I noticed you run in the Lunaracers-the good news is then they get wet they don't carry much weight. Go kick some a$$!!!

  3. Congrats on your run (looked it up - couldn't wait for your report!) - nice to place 2nd A/G and break 3. Conditions looked pretty bad going by the pics on Twitter.