Sunday, January 6, 2013

Downs and Ups

Training recap for Dec 31 - 6 Jan
62 miles
7 runs
15 mile long run

Strength routines consist of 9 exercises and change throughout training program. HME = hip mobility exercises as prescribed by Dr. J-Ball.
I've decided that I want to try out the weekly recap format for my blog for a bit.  I thought it would be easiest for me just to take a screen capture of my training log each week since it's pretty and has all of the relevant stats. I think it's important to see that I do a lot more than run during the week. I'm typically doing something in addition to a regular run every day of the week whether it's a 30-45 minute strength routine, a shorter core circuit or 1-2 miles of hill drills.  All of these little things help make me stronger and faster.

My running workouts this week were designed to get me used to what will be a normal training structure. I will do a speed/stamina workout on Wednesday, a longish run with a fast finish on Friday and either an easy long run or long run with a long interval workout added in on Sunday. My Wednesday workouts will alternate speed/stamina each week.

Last week I did my first track workout of 12 x 400m on Wednesday. This week was a stamina workout of a 5 mile tempo progression from ~6:50 pace down to under 6:15. As you can see from my log, I struggled mightily with that workout. I always struggle with tempos, but I was having an off day that day. I have learned not to react to these bad days. They happen sometimes. Instead of stopping the workout, I decided to finish it and take a few short "water breaks" to catch my breath. I know that this isn't ideal, but it was what I could do. Had I started slower, I probably could have completed the workout as written. However, I really thought 6:45 to 6:55 pace was going to feel a lot easier than it did. I became overwhelmed once I got down into the 6:30s and it fell apart from there.

My Friday runs are meant to be a longer distance (up to 12 miles later in the training plan) and have a pick up in the last few miles. Last week, I did the workout incorrectly and ran those last two miles too fast (under 6:30 pace). Coach Hadley explained that the idea is to just pick it up the last few miles and finish feeling refreshed. I kept the thought of feeling refreshed in my head and it worked great this week.

Thank goodness for my long run today! It was written as 15 miles with the first 12 easy then the last 3 miles at a faster pace (6:30-6:45). By the time I reached the 5 mile mark, I was already in sub-7:00 territory, and it felt effortless. I decided to run the rest of the long run based on effort rather than slow down to maintain a certain pace. I was a bit worried that I was going to regret that decision those last 3 miles, but it all worked out. In fact, I averaged 6:48 pace for the last 9 miles, and it felt really smooth. I also didn't feel wrecked the rest of the day like I do when I push a long run too hard. This was a great workout to finish up the week.

Next week, my mileage takes a jump and my workouts get tougher! Tallyho!    


  1. I really like the format of your log! Out of curiosity is this something you created yourself or something you use online?


    1. Hi Lauren, Thanks for your comment and props on my log. I created it in Numbers (Mac-based spreadsheet program). It is ridiculously nerdy, but I really like the detail it provides. I gave greater treatment to it in a post a while back so you can see just how complex it is:)

      I have abandoned some of the early features, like the workout effort tracking stuff. I found that to not be very helpful. I like the fact that I can open and update the spreadsheet on any of my iDevices since Numbers auto saves to the iCloud.

  2. Jaymee, I like the weekly re-cap format. I'm a bit of a training diary geek, but don't tell anyone ;-) Like especially the 'notes' for between the lines reading. Anyway, good week - keep it up. Hope it's not a 7-beanie week!

    1. Well, good then. I'll keep it. I'm on two beanies so far this week! You must be down to your runderwear with that heat!

    2. Just 3 days so far. Was able to pull on the shorts and singlet today - only got up to 25C, but high 30s expected for the weekend.