Sunday, February 10, 2013

Recap: Feb 4-10

4-10 Feb
80 miles 
7 days of running
18 mile long run

Compared to the week prior, this past week was spectacularly uneventful. I got in all of my workouts, including most of the supplemental stuff and also got good sleep and nutrition. I included a little more detail in my log to show the various strength and core exercises I do. For the strength routine that I did on Wednesday, I didn't include the amount of weight I use for the exercises, but I do use weights for most of the exercises, with heavy weights (I'll get up to 130 lbs) for the squats. I'm trying to add more to my basic core routine and work up to doing it four times per week in addition to the strength training. I'm feeling really good at 80 miles and the four miles at marathon pace today at the tail end of my long run felt like nothing. I like that feeling.

Logan and Bella. She will grow into those ears, I'm pretty sure.
In other news: I was also able to find a non-psycho puppy to adopt at a hound rescue in Jackson, CA. Her given name is Bella Luna. Jackson is a lot closer to me than Horse Creek, so, even if things didn't go well with the introduction, I wouldn't have to spend 12 hours driving to return her. She blends very well with my current menagerie, and is slowly but surely gaining confidence. She spent her first months of life roaming the streets of Sacramento, then in the County Animal Shelter and was lucky enough to find a home in Jackson before she was to be euthanized. She is a timid girl (the County Shelter had her labeled as aggressive which is why they were going to off her) and about 10 lbs under weight. She is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to watching her grow and become a more confident girl.

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  1. Hope Bella enjoys her new family. Good training week there. Interesting to see the details of your strength/mobility routine.