Sunday, August 1, 2010


In response to a comment from Jenner regarding my last post on weight, I decided to reveal a little more information about my eating habits and how I track my nutrition.  To track my daily caloric balance, I use a web-based tool called mynetdiary.  This is a free program if you use the internet version.  I also have it loaded on my iPhone and iPad so I have access to and can input my information at any time.  This makes it much more useful for me.  The big drawback to this system is that you can't access the information if you don't have an internet or 3G connection since all of your data is stored on the web.  I don't find this to be particularly problematic because I generally hang out in places that at least have a 3G or Edge connection.

Here's a screenshot of last Monday's food input to give you a feel for the information that is tracked.  

And here is a sample of what I ate Tuesday and Wedensday of last week.  I don't vary my diet much, so these are pretty representative.  You can see that I don't deprive myself of snacks either.  Remember that I have been on a gluten-free diet for the last 2+ weeks.  I actually discovered the root of my gastrointestinal grumblings quite by accident and corrected that about a little over a week ago.  I also had a blood test done to determine if I was allergic to any foods, and that all came back negative.  While I have felt much better these last couple of weeks, it appears I no longer need to avoid wheat, gluten and dairy.  I started adding them back into my diet again yesterday and feel good so far.

Tuesday, July 27 (total calories eaten = 2495 carb-fat-pro ratio 62:24:14)
Exercise: Ran 10 miles moderate
40 minutes of Strength training 
Breakfast (500 calories; 82g carbs/2 g fat/20 g protein)
1 cup non-fat yogurt
1/2 cup gluten free granola
small banana
16 oz. non-fat latte w/splenda

Lunch (445 calories; 49g carbs/20g fat/14g protein)
2 fresco crunchy tacos from taco Bell
1 serving baby carrots
20 edamame crackers
2 tbsp. sun-dried tomato hummus
diet coke

Dinner (651 calories; 120 g carbs/7 g fat/29 g protein)
1/5 total meal of pasta bean toss

Snacks eaten throughout the day (899 calories; 135 g carbs/35 g fat/23 g protein)
2 Larabars
20 cherries
coffee with half and half
1/4 cup trail mix
1 cup fat free frozen yogurt

Wednesday, July 28 (total calories eaten = 2793 carb-fat-pro ratio 68:19:13)
Exercise: Ran 16 miles moderate including 10 x 45 seconds @ 3k effort/60 seconds jog

Breakfast (527 calories; 105g carbs/3 g fat/23 g protein)
1 packet oatmeal complete, plain flavor
small banana
16 oz. non-fat latte w/splenda
30 cherries

Lunch (443 calories; 77g carbs/11g fat/13g protein
2 Trader Joe's black bean and corn enchiladas
30 baked blue chips

Dinner (651 calories; 120 g carbs/7 g fat/29 g protein)
1/5 total meal of pasta bean toss 

Snacks eaten throughout the day (1172 calories; 190 g carbs/40 g fat/30 g protein)
2 Larabars
1/2 cup Orange juice
small bag of Trader Joe's lite kettle corn 
1/4 cup trail mix
1.5 cup fat free frozen yogurt
2/3 cup raspberries
1 tbsp. light chocolate syrup


  1. this is funny... i don't keep track of my food at all... but after looking at your typical day, it looks a lot like mine! i just love those flaxseed chips from trader joes... and lately i've been loving cherries! the one thing i eat a lot of that you don't have in there at all is raw almonds. i eat a handful a day at least. looks like we have similar taste. and maybe similar caloric intake.

  2. t-meat--haha! But, I do eat almonds. They are the main component of the trail mix I buy and snack on in the afternoons. It's a pain to track all of this stuff, but I like being able to look back on times where I was at the weight I wanted, was really fit and had a breakthrough race. Being able to replicate at least the nutritional aspect of that trifecta is pretty cool.

  3. i can completely see why you do it. i'm sure i would do it too if my weight fluctuated a lot. i always just stay about the same. maybe a pound or two up or down depending on the time of the month. ;) as i get older, i find that i don't like to get overly stuffed when i eat... and maybe that also plays a role in weight consistency. i heard about some village in japan where there is an actual word for it.. though i forget what it is! the people in that village live a very long time and are fairly lean because they have a rule to stop eating right before they get truly full. i don't do it for weight maintenance... i just find that i don't feel comfortable/happy when i go over the line between being satiated and too full. maybe it's the japanese side of me. ;) but i do like to graze a lot and find myself in the pantry multiple times a day to grab some chips, almonds or whatever other yummy snack i bought from trader joes that week. ;) oh, and i also have to have my chocolate powerbar everyday. love those. and a lot of chocolate soy milk lately. have you tried that? really good and tons of potassium and calcium.

  4. oh! and try the strawberry kefir at trader joes! it's great for you and tasty! tho i haven't seen it there lately.

  5. "...root of my gastrointestinal grumbling..."

    If not too personal, would you please explain what you found?

    Thanks from a person with a very grumbling gut.

  6. t-meat--all good suggestions, especially about not eating to the point of being stuffed. I do that too often, I think. It generally means I've under-eaten at some other point in the day. The problem with that, as I understand it, is that, even if you're under the number of calories you burned for the day, consuming a ton of calories in one sitting promotes the storage of fat: our sworn enemy. I'm not a fan of soy milk, but I might try the kefir on my next trip to TJ's.

    Anonymous, sorry to say that it is pretty personal and probably not applicable to anyone else who reads this blog. That's why I brushed over it. Send me an e-mail if you really want to know, but I doubt it will give you any answers.

  7. Thanks for answering my question. I emailed you a while back about the injury. Turned out to be an inflammation of the peroneal tendon (xrays were normal). Ran for the first time today (after a month off), and so far so good. The miracle worker killed (and I mean killed) me over the last two weeks, but it looks like I am on the road again. The good news is that my swimming has gotten better!

  8. congratulations! your way of tracking down your healthy lifestyle is inspiring. it definitely requires discipline and patience.