Friday, December 4, 2009

Eating baby powder redux

I was checking out some of my blog stats today and was slightly alarmed by the results.  I wrote a blog last May entitled Maybe I should start eating baby powder, and later sort of regretted the title since none of my followers seemed to know what I was talking about.  While it appears that many runners haven't heard of this, it seems a lot of people who don't read my blog are curious about eating baby powder (a form of eating disorder called pica).

As it turns out, my blog gets about the same number of hits from people who google Jaymee Marty, as it does from people googling eating baby powder.  Today I noticed that someone who googled does eating baby powder make your butt look bigger found my blog.  When I tested this Google search myself, I found my blog came up 4th on this list of closely-related websites:

  1. WikiAnswers - How can you make your breasts bigger
  2. How can i get a big bubble butt?
  3. What helps your boobs grow? - Yahoo! Answers
  4. Run Away Fast: Maybe I should start eating baby powder...
  5. Ask PoopReport: My Ass Stinks! |
That's good stuff.


  1. I kind of lose a little faith in humanity when I see the google searches that lead to my blog!

  2. Hey, you're smack in the middle of tits and ass. Most marketers would kill for that kind of visibility.

  3. Cate, I quite agree.

    Julie, Well played.