Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pimp my run

Yes. Those are the new Nike Lunar Glides on my feet. The rest of the outfit was simply a gratuitous purchase I made to complement my new ride. If I'm going to wear bright-orange-soled shoes, then I'm going to light up like a Centerfolds sign running down the trail too.

I am a technology junkie. I admit it. I am never so satisfied with my current running gear that I won't try something new. I normally run in the Nike Max Moto. It's a nice neutral shoe and actually super cheap if you don't mind running in an older model. When you change up shoes every few weeks, this is a nice quality. I've gone through about 10 pair of these shoes, and they've worked well for me. I ran in the Nike Vomero before the Moto and found them to be a little more shoe than I needed. They actually tended to wear out more quickly than the Moto and were about $40 more.

I can tell when my shoes have worn out because my feet start to get little niggles here and there. It usually takes me a couple of runs to realize this is why my feet are hurting, but throwing on a new pair makes the world right again.

So, I took my first spin in this new technology tonight, and the jury is still out. I am looking for these to be a replacement for my Motos, not just a trainer to wear for fast workouts. I actually don't use a lightweight trainer for my workouts--I wear my heavy trainers for everything and then race in the super lightweight Nike Lunar Racers. In fact, I was intrigued by these shoes mainly because of my love affair with the Lunar Racer. They are the best racing shoes I've tried, and I wear them from the 5k to the marathon without any problems. Mine weigh in at 5.25 ounces (using my kitchen scale) per shoe. They are lightweight and feel super supportive. You just can't beat that.

These Lunar Glides felt the same on the roads as they did in the store: unresponsive, stiff and much like running on a flattened marshmallow. So, why did I buy them? I always like to give technology (and people for that matter) a second chance to charm me. I never judge based on first impressions. They actually felt better by the end of the run. My feet didn't hurt at all, but the shoes just felt a little dead. It is quite possible that my legs and not the shoes were dead tonight during the run given my long workout yesterday, so I'm not going to throw them out just yet. They are a sleek 9.75 ounces after all. And, they look pretty cool too. There will be more to come on these little beauties in future posts.

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  1. aren't your eyes closed? you need a new photographer :)